Microbiome Health

Our research pipeline includes exploration of microbiome associations with human gastrointestinal health and disease.


Systems biology of the microbiomic graphic


Microbes profoundly shape our planet and all life on earth.  While a few infamous microbes cause serious diseases, many are either benign or beneficial to humans. In humans they function as complex microbial communities enabling essential life processes from the digestion of food to fighting disease to maintaining a breathable atmosphere.  Microbes are essential to sustaining life on earth.

Metagenomics is the emerging field of science which is applying the new genomic analysis tools of DNA sequencing of single organisms to the genomic analysis of entire communities of microbes without having to first isolate and culture individual microbial species.  This new ability to study in situ microbial communities represents a fundamental shift in microbiology with revolutionary implications for science and mankind.   The science of microbiomics is creating new knowledge with respect to complex human health, environment, climate, bioenergy, agricultural, and environmental challenges of today that will certainly lead to the development of many innovative and beneficial industrial, food, energy, and health products.

Metabiomics is a pioneer in human microbiome research and development specializing in functional microbiomics and systems biology applied to advances in microbial DNA sequencing methods, clinical research, and microbiology.   Our patented microbial DNA analysis platforms and diagnostic technology provide the means to rapidly explore the human microbiome and drive discovery of new biomarkers, diagnostic, and therapeutic solutions in every field of metagenomic research and biotechnology.