Metabiomics© announced that it received a favorable International Preliminary Report on Patentability from the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) on its application to patent its enabling MultiTag Sequencing™ (MTPS) method for unique identification of multiple samples processed in single or consolidated high throughput DNA sequencing runs. The technology covers all non-electrophoretic DNA sequencing methodologies.

The new MTPS method enables unique tagging and identification of multiple DNA samples allowing subsequent statistical analysis of large datasets. The method is particularly useful for clinical trials where each sample can be associated with specific disease classes participating in the trial. Other uses include differentiating samples by geospatial location or ecological source allowing subsequent statistical analysis and correlation with other environmental data associated with the specific sample.

Following through on the favorable PCT patentability report, Metabiomics© has initiated the Nationalization Phase of the application process worldwide and is represented by Millen, White, Zelano & Branigan, PC in Arlington, Virginia.