Cambridge, UK and Aurora, CO December 16, 2015

Metabiomics Corp. announced it has secured a distribution agreement with Origin Sciences pursuant to which it will develop, test, and commercialize the novel OriCol™ gastrointestinal sampling technology for clinical research and diagnostic applications in the US market. The OriCol™ Microbiome Research Kit was developed and recently introduced by Origin Sciences in 2015, and will be now be available in the US as a research use only (RUO) device.   

The OriCol™ Microbiome Research Kit has been specifically designed with a standard DNA/RNA preservative buffer for use in clinical microbiome research in the U.S. Understanding the gut microbiome-host immune function and metabolism has the potential to change how a wide range of gastrointestinal cancers, metabolic disorders, and autoimmune diseases are detected, diagnosed, and treated.  

The patented OriCol™ sampling device offers a novel method for highly enriched and representative sampling of microbial and human cells, DNA, RNA, proteins, and metabolites from the mucocellular layer of the intestines that constitutes the mucosal immune system. OriCol™ enables multiplex sampling of the microbiome as well as associated human cells, DNA, RNA, proteins, and metabolites that play an active role in the immune system in health and disease.  

In contrast to traditional fecal sampling methods, the mucosal samples collected using the OriCol™ sampling kits show an increased bacterial diversity and an enrichment of mucosal associated phyla. In addition, the reproducibility of sample collection and reduction in laboratory processing improves the quality and reproducibility of experimental data.

OriCol™ sampling kits are easy-to-use and effective tool for multiplex sampling of the rectal mucosa, which can be used to study the gut microbiome-host functions and associations with human health, diet, metabolism, and disease. T he mucosal samples obtained using the kit contain the established community of bacteria inhabiting the gut – including the same spectrum of bacteria as stool samples, which have been the traditional medium for study of the gut microbiome.  

“Metabiomics has been developing and testing microbiome sampling and MultiTag™ sequencing methods over the past decade as a prerequisite for accurate and reproducible clinical research and diagnostic results, including the development and testing of our own stool and rectal swab sampling kits used in our colorectal adenoma, cancer, IBD and other diagnostic and pharmacobiomics clinical research programs,“ said Tom Kuehn, CEO of Metabiomics. “Although microbiome science is advancing by leaps and bounds, it is now widely recognized that progress in microbiome research has been hindered by the lack of standardized and reproducible sample collection, preparation, and sequencing methods that are required for precision medicine. The OriCol™ technology represents a breakthrough in microbiome sampling techniques; one that captures a large volume of microbiome and host DNA, RNA, proteomic, and metabolic analytes in a single procedure performed by qualified medical practitioners under quality controlled conditions as compared to current home stool sampling practices.”

Paul Weinberger, CEO of Origin, said: “The North American market is one of the largest and fastest growing markets for both diagnostic and research kits for gastrointestinal disease. We are extremely pleased to have concluded this agreement, as expansion into North America is a key part of the commercialization strategy for Origin. This follows a very successful year for Origin which as well as seeing increased use of our diagnostics kit, saw the launch of our Microbiome Research Kit.”

Metabiomics invites enquiries regarding clinical research and diagnostic applications of the Oricol™ mucosal and microbiome sampling kits now available for research use only (RUO) in the U.S., including clinical research collaborations, comparative testing, and evaluation of alternative methods and standards. 

About Origin Sciences Ltd., UK

Origin Sciences develops and manufactures innovative medical devices that enable the detection, diagnosis and monitoring of gastrointestinal diseases. Origin Sciences manufactures the OriCol™ device, which enables convenient and effective clinical sampling of mucocellular material from the rectum. In addition, Origin Sciences has a portfolio of products in development; including a test for the detection of colorectal cancer (CRC). Origin Sciences aims to be at the forefront of scientific breakthroughs in the investigation of gastrointestinal diseases. 

OriCol™ is a registered trademark of Origin Sciences Limited.

 About Metabiomics Corp., USA

Metabiomics is a Colorado and Virginia based company that is translating advances in microbiome science and technology into the creation of new diagnostics, therapeutics and personalized medicine products and services. Metabiomics is continuously advancing and applying patented MultiTag™ DNA sequencing technology and a metagenomics discovery platform to pursue innovative molecular systems biology, biomarker discovery, microbiome diagnostics, and clinical research aimed at the detection and prevention of colon cancer and other gastrointestinal cancerous, autoimmune and infectious diseases.