Our Technology

Our founders have developed and patented DNA Sequencing Technology that is the preferred Method of the NIH Human Microbiome Project.


MultiTag™ Sequencing

MultiTag™ Sequencing offers a new approach to metagenomics by enabling amplification bias free sample barcoding for Next-Generation Sequencing-based analyses.

Microbial DNA Sequencing

Metagenomics diagnostics requires specialized patented microbial DNA sequencing methods and bioinformatics that have been developed and proven over the past 10 years.   One patented technology uses high-throughput next-generation sequencing for clinical research, diagnosis, prognostication, and/or monitoring of disease progression in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), polymicrobial, and immunological diseases.  Our patented MultiTag Sequencing platform provides a means of applying high-throughput DNA sequencing methods such as pyrosequencing to metagenomics research, clinical research and diagnostic testing by adding unique barcodes for identifying a hundred or more individual patient samples in a single high-throughput DNA sequencing run.  This technology enables the use of DNA sequencing with advanced bioinformatics and comparative statistical analysis to economically perform clinical trials and diagnostic testing of individual patients.


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